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Those 30 for 30s mostly taught me I’m not interested in shit that doesn’t present something I didn’t know/wouldn’t have known (not to sound like crybaby Bill saying he didn’t watch it because “I lived it”). It also needs to be interesting. I bailed on the Celtics-Lakers marathon. The narration killed it but it also didn’t cover any new ground, and we’ve been saturated with Celtics-Lakers remember when for quite a while now. Give me something like the Defiant Ones where I’m learning shit and it’s interesting even though some of it is already covered ground (NWA ad nauseum over the last few years).

I’m preconditioned to this sort of paranoia, but is it out of the realm of possibility that ESPN is prepping a 30-for-30 for Spygate’s 10th anniversary in September? When ESPN did its 90-anonymous-source hitpiece in September 2015, Van Natta said it opened the floodgates for more who wanted to anonymously get their shots in, and a second piece could be in the offing. Every Spygate thing ESPN does gets traffic; why wouldn’t they do a 30-for-30?

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