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No in-stadium due to a scheduling conflicts. Getting in line at 4AM for a practice is insane. I assume it’s some kind of an autograph thing but it’s still crazy.

Gone are the days when you could go to Smithfield on a whim and see Parcells’ gunt up close. :-(

Two stories about practice at Bryant College:

My first year going there, my girlfriend (now wife) was upset that we might be late and kept telling me to drive faster. After pushing down on my knee to emphasize that I needed to accelerate, she promptly fell asleep. 20 minutes later, she woke as we were pulled over by the RI state police. I told the cop that we were headed to the first day of Patriots practice. I don’t know if that made a difference, but I only got a warning. We get to the college and there’s no one around. It turned out that this was the day for players to report. Public practice started the next day.

During Kevin Faulk’s rookie season, he was walking back along the pathway from the practice fields to the dorms with his jersey over his shoulder. His jersey falls off without him noticing. I looked around and, for that moment, I was the only there. No one else was on the path and no other fans were in the vicinity. An quick-thinking, athletic person could have gotten over the fence, grabbed the jersey and gotten away with a souvenir. A considerate person could have yelled to Faulk to let him know he dropped his jersey. I stood there debating about what to do, the moment passed, Faulk realized he lost his jersey, turned around and picked it up.


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