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Marty Nopointe

John Harvards Framingham Brando is practically Tree House Alter Ego if you can’t get out to TH.

Last week I got a sampler, then full pour, then 32 oz growler and it was near spot on. So I went back, got a 64 oz this week, it gets a bit hot in the 4th pint, its not an exact replicant. If you’re drinking less than 4 pints, in a triple blind I couldn’t distinguish this from TH Alter Ego … And this was the first 64 I tried to down myself in maybe 3 years, yknow for science, so for all practical purposes it’s TH quality.

Go buy some as I’m sure the brewer will soon move to some 18th century garconniere in East Bumfvcvk MA where once a week you can buy 1 can after standing in line for 7 hours

The other beers are just as good for their style, I mean Christ after enjoying all the ones worth trying last week I branched out today and took home a 32 of their Belgian Wit and actually thought 12 ounces were good enough to drink before using the rest in a marinade. Do I wish I got the WC IPA or the Coffee Porter, or the excellent Pils, or the Saison even in that baby growler? Well yeah if course, but I could drink 12 oz of Belgian Wit from there an accomplishment in itself.

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