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Zolak was going crazy about Gilmore on one drive. Is that fool driving the conversation? We’re doomed.

No, I think it’s more like Gilmore admitting he had the issue, while the rest of the secondary was using the more generic “we have to be better as a unit” and all that. It’s a bit of reading between the lines there, but I don’t think it’s a huge stretch.

Is it 2005? We’re going to do this? It needs to be better on the front end and the back end. Given the quarterbacks they have played the ability to step up into a clean area has been problematic. Dumbing it down to a “secondary sucks!!” seems pretty reductive.

It’s not just them, but when you see big plays where guys are totally uncovered because of obvious communication errors, that’s not related to the front 7. Of course they’re not perfect up front either. It goes without saying that all eleven can improve.

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