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Airline WiFi stinks. I mean you, Delta. I especially mean you, United. If you can’t make it work so the entire plane can have remotely good connections, scrap it until you can. Stop taking money from customers under the false pretense of providing good wireless connections. It’s never good. I mean never.

Pete thinks the airlines own and run the wifi on aircraft.  And maybe he should invite 50 people over to his apartment in Manhattan where he lives and see how the wifi works for everyone.  What an idiot.  And what a fucking entitled piece of shit.  I’m sure he says this to anyone dumb enough to invite him over for dinner.  You’re wifi stinks, if you can’t make it work to my spec then shut it down!

Klemko sent me the menu and I looked it over and said, sure, I’ll go.

Granted we’re no fans of Grand Theft but can you imagine working for this asshole?  Send me the menu because I’m too lazy to look it up myself and then I’ll tell you if I’ll go.

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