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Fred West Lynn

Why did ESPN decide it is in the Greenberg business and just keep pushing that guy as if he is someone/something anyone would care about? They’ve been at it for years.

Weird how businesses decide who to go all in on and die on hills promoting shitty careers. I remember reading Keith Richards’s book and he talked about the ’80s riff between him and Mick largely started over Mick going solo and CBS Records blowing a shit ton thinking Mick was going to be a huge solo act. Who wants Mick Jagger solo over him being in the Stones? That’s the thinking of a mental patient. Naturally it blew up in their faces. Hopefully the same happens to espn.

Any and all of Keith’s observations/pronouncements on Mick’s solo work are hilarious.

I thought the X-Pensive Winos were a fun listen, though.


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