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You know what? I don’t even care about spring any more. Keep this crappy weather going until June and I’ll save money on lawn care and time on cancelled little league games. Okay, maybe that’s the sleet talking.

I ended up coaching a little league team my son is not on, big mistake. I got Joe Kerrigan(ed) yesterday while doing a pitching change, my assistant reversed my changes by putting the pitcher I just yanked back on the mound while I was reporting the change to the other team and umpire. The pitcher was crying, pouting, and having fits of rage I was pulling him for attitude and plus the four walks in a row. I ask my assistant why he did that “The kid needs to bulldog it.” This isn’t the movies dickhead you got the kids dad ready to kill the kid on how he is acting and performing out there and I could get kicked out of the game for this move. I told the umpire and other teams coach “My idiot assistant just reversed all the changes I just reported to you. Without causing a scene its 10-0 we are losing if we comeback and you protest I will back up that we messed up.” This morning, I basically resigned

Good for you.  This is why I don’t take assistant coaches when I coach my youngest girl’s basketball team.

It’s also why I coach my girl’s basketball team.  I got roped into being an assistant on the older one’s team about 5 years ago, and could barely contain myself from criticizing the coach’s behavior and substitution patterns, so decided that rather than bitch about it, I should just do it myself, even if everything I know about basketball came from casually watching the ’80s Celtics.

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