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Tom Pepper

Completely off track from the C’s, but I thought this sentence was interesting (if not a little awkward) from the Deadspin article about the future of the MMQB:

Though King and Breer were sent to the NFL owners’ meetings in Orlando, Fla., in March, one other staffer who insisted on also going had to pay out of pocket to make it happen, though that staffer did later get reimbursed for airfare.

Based off Breer’s tweet about he and Klemko being told that the Patriots were trying to meet with Mayfield “early in the process,” I believe that “staffer” was LoveKlemko. Even if it wasn’t, I can picture everyone else on the MMQB roster reacting in disbelief that they were passed over in favor of that talentless shitbag Breer.

When you’re a plucky microsite, you have to cut costs somewhere. :pk:

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