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McButterpants and his farewell address to the troops is about as on the nose as you can get….. Here’s Peter hitting for his cycle….. 1. Look at the access I have. 2. Pete reminds how humble Doug was and that Peter approves. 3. Reach for the stars kids! 4. Shot at the most dominant coach of the era you were in business. “Thank you, Doug Pederson. By sharing so much interesting X-and-O stuff from the playoffs last year, and doing it humbly, Pederson taught so many football nerds and casual football fans that, with hard work and imagination, all things are possible … even beating the great Belichick in the Super Bowl.”

“With hard work and imagination, all things are possible” – This is a grown up, almost 61 years old, writing for an audience of other grown ups about a contact sport so physical, people are speculating that it may not be able to continue to exist in it’s current state. Why not add “and some help from some fun loving Minions” or “and the blessing of the Faerie Queen” or “and the Force” if you’re going to write like your audience is 8 years old?


Edit to add: I hadn’t read the article in the link before posting. I didn’t make it all the way through because PK showed no interest in getting to a point. Anyway, this stuff “mysterious Patriot undercover scout Ernie Adams” is why King deserves anything bad that happens to him. Mysterious? Undercover? Fuck you. In the same sentence, King describes the Eagles coaches as “little-known.” Doesn’t that mean they’re mysterious, too? Typhoid from an unsanitary Starbucks, a slip and fall, a runaway hotdog cart, anything. King has more than earned it.

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