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It was the first year I really followed baseball, and being the mush I am 1/3 of the season was pissed away :lol:   It gets really into the weeds w/the union stuff, it really could be about any industry on strike save for things like (Doug) DeCinses called him a fucking liar.  Anyway, point of the post was there was some real peak baseball fagola stuff in here- newspapers, desperate for baseball content, were doing things like writing from whole cloth stories about games that happened years before, and even writers doing stratomatic games and writing about them as if they happened  :ohmy:   including this

The Columbus Dispatch covered board games, featuring a matchup of the 1924 Washington Senators and 1935 Detroit Tigers.  Hall of Famer “Goose” Gosselin, in left field for both clubs, was quoted after the Tigers won in 15 innings, 10-8 “You win some, you lose some”  :puke:  

If I was tasked with creating a mythical baseball game to fill space, and it went extra innings, I’d like to think by the 12th or so I’d have a Seinfedl-esque “what kind of lives are these?” conversation with my fellow cursed opponent (unless of course one person was playing both sides- bias! re-rolls! No way Lefty Grove strikes out Hank Greenberg 4 times!)

Also, do you think a young Shank clamored his editor for the chance to call Pumpsie Green lazy for not running out a pretend ground ball?

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