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Sports Gambler Jeopardy guy now up to 13 wins with a daily average win of just over $72k. The single day record before this guy was around 74k I believe. He’s kind of pulling a Gretzky here.

Has anyone even gotten close to making him sweat?

If I remember correctly, he’s won every game before final jeopardy. He missed a decent size daily double once that dropped him back but quickly recovered.

Yeah, it was fairly early in the game so he had time to recoup, which he did. Pretty sure he had “Madonna” as the answer to who’s in the videotape HOF for all-time sales in the 80s or something when the correct answer was “Jane Fonda.” Which I GOT, making me smarter than THAT GUY for a split second! :rollseyes::lol:Honestly, the man is incredibly intelligent, fast, and fearless. Who’s gonna beat him?

He actually seems like a good guy, too–pretty low-key and cool, all things considered. He did say that Vegas won’t be taking his bets as readily once he starts his “normal” life again & didn’t seem to be kidding about that.

He did have Madonna on that final question. But it didn’t matter. I’ve yet to see a hole in his knowledge.

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