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I always wondered who wants to spend six figures on these Jimmy V fundraisers through ESPN and pay so much to spend the day with Adam Schefter or have lunch with Mike and Mike. Why? Donate the money, that’s great, but why would I waste a day or even an hour with people I don’t know? I can’t imagine how horrible that Simmons Sal day would be. Simmons retreat must stink worse than Pete’s fart bus. I’d insist that we watch at his oceanside pad and I can tell you to shut the fuck up at any time. And leave that Sal asshole at home. Not that he’s better than Simmons or worse but you’d need to break up the Laurel and Hardy wannabes just to get through the day.

You’re looking at this like a rational person. Meanwhile, there a lot of people out there who think that Mike and Mike were great, spending time with Schefter would be awesome and Joe Maddon really is a genius. Put another way, Two and Half Men didn’t stay on the air for 12 years because it was a brilliant comedy.

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