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Larry Legend

Are the Celtics wildly inconsistent? I don’t think singular examples of shitting the bed against a worse team on the road on the back end of a home-and-home is any indication of inconsistency nor is playing almost well enough to beat the Spurs or a KD-less OKC team. The appearance of consistency (or inconsistency) outside of truly bad or truly great teams is something we like to construct. I think they’re a good team, just as I did in June — and they have a good chance of winning 50 games even without a big-ish move. Brad has the thankless task of saying their play is inconsistent, he has no other choice.


This gives you a sense of what the team has done this year. Some big wins, some big losses. It’s why their margin of victory is so high, but they will need more consistency against the teams they’ll need to beat to get to 50 wins. The loss to Toronto or the two to Indiana are a pair that simply can’t happen if the Celtics want to be a 50 win team. I, too, think they can get there, but their margin is so small and nearly entirely rests on the shoulders of their coach. A 50 win team, to me, is a top 4 seed in the East, and one that likely wins its division. While they have played well of late, a 13-9 record puts them on a 48 win pace.



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