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    Fred West Lynn

    There is an overriding stupidity to the Celts/Thomas take thing that Caine overlooked. So, the Celtics are this heartless ruthless machine. Got it. And we know that because they (supposedly) knew Thomas was a mess but forced him to play in those playoffs and win what, four playoff games? (Was there anyone in God’s Creation that thought the Celts were winning it all that year?)

    So, they did all that to win, what, four playoff games? Really?

    woudn’t the heartless business only team shut Thomas down there no matter how much he wanted to play and save him for future games?

    At a certain point it really collapses on itself.

    It’s called Arguing Backward from the Conclusion. There’s a lot of that going around these days.

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Viewing 176 post (of 176 total)

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