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    From the HOF president’s wiki page, hell of a thing to not elaborate on

    Baker left his early political career after being convicted of forgery in California and became the fourth commissioner of the Arena Football League (AFL).


    How do you keep O’Brien after that?


    That story about the Browns coach having to report to the owner and analytic team on Friday is weird. I feel like something is missing or DePodesta doesn’t understand football. Having the coaching staff meet with the analytic team on Monday would make sense. Give suggestions on how to attack and defend the upcoming opponent. Install game plan during the week. I could see a little value in touching base on Friday to make sure everything makes sense and nothing new wasn’t discovered. But touching base on Friday seems really counterproductive. This isn’t baseball where you can switch players out in a minutes notice because a guy bats better against righties. And why the owner? So he can call a play like Nixon?

Viewing 3 posts - 76 through 78 (of 78 total)
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