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    Add some cunt named Will Brinson to the list of Tomase victims:

    “Maybe Belichick doesn’t end up coaching the Patriots in 2018. There’s a chance that something weird can happen. He once did write a resignation letter on a napkin saying he would not be “HC of NYJ” after being hired by the Jets to be their head coach. Belichick has been banged by the NFL for illegally videotaping other teams’ practices, and he once had to stand up in front of the media and talk about PSI ratings while quoting Mona Lisa Vito from “My Cousin Vinny.” In that respect, anything is possible.”



    Miserable Fellow

    Wow, quite the ending for the championship game.



    Wow. What a finish.



    Tom Rinaldi’s Botox face is an abomination

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    Hey, does anyone know if any true freshman played in the game tonight? Not sure if I missed them mentioning it.



    All these people crowing about Wickersham being a ‘top notch/top rate/world class’ what the fuck ever journalist is laughable, as if you can’t criticize or tear apart his non sourced bullshit that gets torn down further by the day. I stand by my story is the dumbest thing a media person can utter. Kirk Herbstreit still stands by his report that Les Miles is taking the Michigan job from like 10 years ago. How can you stand by your story when it’s getting torn apart by the people you were supposedly writing about. I stand by my story told to me by people who have no idea what they’re talking about. How is that a job?

    “I stand by my story” is just “I reported what I was told, honest!” Big fucking deal. Can’t everyone say that? Really think about what that means: It essentially means that you’re calling everyone who is calling bullshit on your story a liar. Indirectly, but that’s what you’re doing. Tomase pulled that bullshit, too. They all do it, and they all undeservedly support each other’s nonsense. It’s just a knee-jerk response that means nothing until the retraction is printed, then they hope you forget all about it until the next thing. Worthless cretins.

    I literally just heard HMSG say he “stands by everything” in his 0-4 gambling manifesto. Also, “I would do everything again.”

    Wouldn’t he just lose again?

Viewing 6 posts - 51 through 56 (of 56 total)

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