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    Major Intangibles

    13 years since a grounder stabbed by Foulke & underhanded to first undercut Shank’s meal ticket.

    Nothing will be saved. All will be lost. And our new onion-headed sad emoticon is unable to convey the depth of that loss. -10/22/25 (sic) Daily Thread


    Danny Duberstein

    Maybe every now and then play the same set list. For fucks sake, even the early 80s Dead repeated one here and there.


    Fred West Lynn

    Butchie Bonehead doing post-WS Sports on 25.

    Actual quote on Astros vs. Yu Darvish:

    “They score four and YU is THROUGH.”

    Bobo, you have fierce competition in the TV Sock Puppet “I am SOOOOOO clever” delusion sweepstakes.


    Whatta Maroon.


    Fred West Lynn

    So the big Kirk and Gerry news is that they have a looney parent of a transgender kid that is making it his mission to strongarm their advertisers into pulling their ads from the show. Normally I can’t stand dinks that do this stuff. However, the guy clearly has them shaking in their boots. He’s managed to get face to face meetings with top execs at Entercom, 30 minute calls directly with Kirk and Gerry, offers to do PSA’s, some sponors are reconsidering their support, etc…. They are petrified of this guy.

    Gerry and Kirk as easily scared bigots? Where’s the “news” part?



    Gesture-gate!!! It’s the only thing on the news here. Not that Dave Roberts (who I will never say a bad word about) is managing like he morphed into Joe Maddon. When you use 17 pitchers a game you really do increase the odds of one of them having an off night.

    On another note I caught up with a friend I haven’t seen in a while who was in charge of the stage riggers at the Jason Aldean show in Vegas and only one of their guys got shot and it was a knee shot but just hearing first hand what that was like was chilling.


    Fred West Lynn

    Breer said he knew Hightower had a partially torn pectoral but didn’t report it, and it’s why he failed free agent physicals. Did people report he failed physicals?

    You fail to understand the role of the Sports Insider. Allow me to re-visit:

    – If you have actual information on a player or team, your responsibility is to keep it to yourself. Otherwise, people will know what you know and your necessity to the planet is diminished.
    – If something bad is the inside info (see above), double-down and prepare an article or Tweet that includes the phrase “It was widely known inside the Clubhouse.” That will convey that YOU are truly a Clubhouse Insider.
    – Once someone who didn’t offer you all sorts of access and scoops is traded or fired, quickly publish that the miscreant had private problems and the team had been looking to unload him/her for quite some time. (Always remember: employees change all the time; executives not so much.)
    – Keep the phrases “representative of the fans” “hold accountable” in computer one-key inserts. You’ll use them often.
    – If you’re not on TV already, get on there stet.


    Fred West Lynn

    #NeverForget Mike Barnicle


    Delta flight from L.A. to NYC offers in-flight Wi-Fi for $40…That makes Delta both an airline and a criminal enterprise.

    Someone claimed the BoA private jets ahead of him? Seems unlikely. I’m sure the $40.00 that he could barely scrape together shows up on one of his expense accounts.
    And why fly to NYC when he’s the Baseball Expert and the games are in Houston?


    Fred West Lynn

    Harold Pinter is plagiarizing Mike “Tiger” Davis.

    Did the New Board save all of Tiger’s inspirational proclamations?  I loved to re-visit them periodically.

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