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    Miserable Fellow

    A ‘Bill the GM is killing Bill the coach’ hot take?

    None of Bill’s critics are going to remember that according to reporting, he tried to trade both Brady and Gronk the customary year too early and couldn’t due to events beyond his control. Michael Irvin remembered that during a Joe and Evan spot, but somehow this will be spun into “arrogance” or “comeuppance”.

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    Today’s listening pleasure you had the choice of Futility Lou, Marc “Minihane” James and the Sports Dick and down the dial you get Little Jim Panic and Piss in the Cheerios Madame Jones.

    Ozzys Boneyard sounded quite good.

    And the Zookeepers signed an extension – Even Marv Lewis laughed at that one.

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    Major Intangibles

    Ozzys Boneyard?

    “CYA in the Weekend Thread.” 

    Nothing will be saved. All will be lost. And our new onion-headed sad emoticon is unable to convey the depth of that loss. -10/22/25 (sic) Daily Thread



    I still can’t believe ‘respected’ reporter Mr. Woah tweeted out that about Gordon not playing the last play. Nothing but a mouthpiece with zero critical thinking skills. Then Albert coming in to pour salt on the wound. I guess Ian can only go up because topping that will be tough. Although I’m not eliminating the possibility.

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    With the talk now focusing on the Patriots receiver woes and the decision to let Amendola go, I decided to take a look at his numbers with the Dolphins. I was surprised to see that he’s leading the team with 52 receptions (Kenny Drake, the RB, is 2nd with 44 and Kenny Stills is next with 33 catches.) Amendola is currently 2nd on the team with 509 receiving yards. Those are right around his career numbers, so it’s not like he’s underperforming. On the Patriots, he would be 5th in receiving yards and 3rd in catches. If New England signed him to that contract and he had the same production, I’m sure we’d be hearing they overpaid for him

    I was also surprised that Miami’s QBs have combined for around 3000 yards passing. That’s a 1000 less than Brady and the conventional wisdom is that he’s having a down year.

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