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    Hoping Loyko tweets some good stuff at recess.

    Marty Nopointe

    Support our troops, ban *** ***** from Boston, the Navy arrives at 9am


    When is Dino going to fall off the wagon? It’s been almost a year since his ‘incident’ at the Red Sox game. (And still no video of him behind the plate.)

    Come back, Regular Brian.

    My agenda is truth.


    Head Scout for the Red Sox as well…


    Mike Loyko ‏@NEPD_Loyko 12h12 hours ago
    Benintendi and Moncada are both destroying High-A Ball. Another 4 hits combined so far tonight. Benintendi hitting .409 #RedSox

    Fred West Lynn

    I didn’t bother with this yesterday as I was busy running errands, etc. But the sheer volume of industrial sludge that Nick Cafardo slid into the Sunday sports pages was mind-boggling.

    Let me take a step back for a tortured simile. Sometime in the 70’s and 80’s, Marvel published a title called “What If?” It featured stories that were completely improbable such as “What if Dr. Doom joined the Fantastic Four?” or “What if the Avengers were all Hamsters?” You get the idea.

    Reading Nick scribblings yesterday, it was deja vu all over again. His main “On Baseball” column was a lengthy hand-wringing that came to “What if David Ortiz gets injured?” (Hint: bad stuff will ensue.)  The “Baseball” page was the Oz poppy field of “What If?”. So much so that he didn’t even bother to disguise the fact that, despite the usual blather about how he gathers  opinions from a Star Chamber of unnamed “executives, scouts, and other baseball executives,” he’s pulling balloon animals out of his ass. Does this form actual information?

    “Would the Twins even consider dealing the face of the franchise? The answer is no, but it was a fun name to include.”

    Nothing but fun in Nick-ville. How about this insight regarding Andrew McCutchen:

    “We mention him because you never know.”

    Yep, he’s just a fat, balding monkey throwing his own feces against a wall. I won’t even get into how some offhand quote from “an executive who follows the situation closely” can come up as a point of evidence in several of GM Nick’s trade speculations — often competing against one another. The Red Sox are backed up at second base? Well, then you’ll be fascinated to know that the team could be in on some NL second base prospect. Marty McFly had a better grip on reality.

    Let’s be honest, Cafardo does nothing to merit this close a textual reading (and doing that is an instant ice cream headache). But his What If columns — which is every Sunday — are totally useless.

    End of Line.









    Ernie Boch Jr. and his sisters, Donna Boch, left, and Karen Boch Clemmy, announce that the family has bought the naming rights to the Wang and Shubert theaters, which will be known as the Boch Center.


    Looks like Donna had some aftermarket headlights installed.


    Gonna be awkward when Rex has to fire his brother.


    Kirk and Callahan today finally getting to the fake Brady call.

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