But in Wilkins you get a cornerstone defender and, notably, one whose off-field character is exceptionally noteworthy.

He became the first Clemson scholarship football player to earn a degree in only 2 1/2 years. He was team captain.

And he plays with a motivation one cannot contrive.

Wilkins’ grandfather, Eurie Stamps, was killed when a SWAT team rifle accidentally discharged during a raid of his apartment in January 2011, when Wilkins was a boy. The police were looking for Stamps’ stepson, suspected of selling drugs from the apartment.

It could have been worse. They could have mentioned it was the Framingham SWAT team that had the tragic accident. In the end, the family received close to a $5mil settlement. CW started his career at FHS. He was a freshman with my oldest on the football team. He was a varsity starter from day one, a 6-2 or 3 250 pound 15 year old back then. I saw him across the room on the 8th grade sports night and though he was a teacher or coach. :lol: