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    Riddle me this: If football has become “too pussified” and “you can’t even breathe on a QB now,” how did Andrew Luck get too beat up to play after seven seasons?

    We’ll probably never hear any more about it, but that was a huge failure by the Colts organization to let that news leak out during a home preseason game. Or maybe it was intentional, I don’t know. Outside of Luck telling a reporter himself, everyone else in the know should have kept their mouths shut until today’s press conference.

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    I believe there are no accidents. Does seem like a dick move by Indy.

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    Major Intangibles

    More of a Luck Senior as opposed to a Luck Junior story, but hey, any excuse to bust out the old material;

    If Lamar croaks does his wife have to pay the whorehouse tab? :lol:

    Thats called the Parumph Write Off


    “You hate to see bad things like that happen to great, great people like Lamar. Case in point, one time, back in ’83, ’bout this time of year I was giggin’ over at the Arena Theater, I run into the great, great Ollie Luck, yeah, Andrew’s Pops, that’s the guy! He had just lost an overtime game to KC, team was like 0-7, I figure I’ll cheer him up by flying in half the gals from Madame Lorraine’s cathouse in N’awlins, right? He didn’t have to play ’til next Sunday, what’s the worst that could happen? Well, Bob, I’ll tell you; something was pharmacologically off with the party favors we had, you know, 1983? and one of ’em, Deseree, well she’s out like a light and bleedin’ like the dickens from her nostrils! Wild! So Ollie and me we pack her into a Town Car and race to the hospital and I tell em ‘we need a crash cart and saline and a bag of O negative blood! And they tell me ‘Mister Bennett – this is a Luby’s, not a hospital.’ But they got an ambulance there and let me tell you about Houston, as the great, great Jerry Garcia put it, its too close to New Orleans, but far enough away that if I didn’t immediately agree to put on a benefit concert for the police Benevolence Fund, the locals would hand me right over to the Feds for a Mann Act violation beef!

    So anyway, yes, it’s great to be here pregame with you on Football Night in America! Right Bob?”



    Nothing will be saved. All will be lost. And our new onion-headed sad emoticon is unable to convey the depth of that loss. -10/22/25 (sic) Daily Thread

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    Canadian Soldier

    thatsashame.jpg Two consecutive generational #1 QBs and as many titals as Tampa Bay and the Rams

    Smilin’ Joe!  If you still “lurk” here, you’re gone but you are not forgotten!   Godspeed.


    Seeing the Redskin players say they feel bad for Luck after the fans booing tells me all I need to know about that shithole city and shithole organization.  Fucking flyover states.

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    Pete doesn’t think booing luck is a big deal

    I don’t think it’s a big deal, because any fan staying to the end of a preseason game would be a passionate fan, and would be ticked off that the star quarterback wasn’t going to be on the team anymore.

    So you boo the guy?  What the fuck?

    Pete’s sentence introducing what Luck said about Brissett

    Luck opened a vein Saturday night about Brissett.

    What the hell?  Opened a vein, other than a psychopath who the hell says that describing someone talking about something?


    Beernerdness: Nothing wrong, I suppose, with Stella Artois (Leuven, Belgium), but I find it a boring pilsner. Tastes watered down to me.

    Throw an orange and some shitty cloves and Pete will rave all day about it’s friskiness.

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