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    Miserable Fellow

    Worth a shot. He would be a restricted free agent next year.

    OK, that’s fair.


    Miserable Fellow

    @jimmysSeafood isn’t a fan of someone whose time working in Baltimore ended on a sour note.

    Also, where is Chico’s song parody from?



    All the morons hate it. So there’s that.


    Miserable Fellow

    If I’m the Browns I’m asking for an exemption based on an actual football injury. If Josh Gordon breaks a leg and is out for 6 weeks but is a model citizen otherwise, that shouldn’t trigger the returned pick clause.


    Major Intangibles

    I just hope they get full valuence out of Gordon.

    Nothing will be saved. All will be lost. And our new onion-headed sad emoticon is unable to convey the depth of that loss. -10/22/25 (sic) Daily Thread

    • Best case scenario: He flourishes as a redemption story, becoming the big play threat that opens things up for all the other weapons, and does it (like Cooks last year) for very low money. Then the Pats re-sign him for low money relative to what his talent would dictate without the suspension history.
    • Good case scenario:  He fits in with the receivers, contributes to the season at low money, then leaves in free agency.
    • Bad case scenario: It doesn’t work out, and it costs the team a fifth for a high-reward, low-risk flier.
    • Worst case scenario: It works out well, he becomes a reliable member of the offense, then does something to get himself suspended again on the eve of a big game.

    The contract and the low compensation make the risk worthwhile to take. It’s only the specter of a potentially looming suspension (coupled with my paranoia about how low the league’s willing to sink in order to screw the Patriots) that causes concern. Where does Gordon stand in the substance abuse program?




    Where’s the he’s productive for nine weeks then fs up and gets cut so they get the 7th back fit?



    Question for that ginger cunt Charles Robinson: where was the “meaningful speed” on the Pats last 2 SB winning teams? Why is that a “meaningful” term now all of a sudden?

Viewing 8 posts - 51 through 58 (of 58 total)

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