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    I mentioned Magic City but Boss was another great Starz series that ended abruptly.



    The Stephen Dorff revival is fantastic.

    I thought it ended well and actually on a bit of an uptick, considering how depressing most of it was. A couple of ways to interpret the climactic scene(s), also.



    It’s on Hulu, so was unsure if I would post this on the online media thread. I’ll post in both because I feel so strongly, but Letterkenny on Hulu is absolutely fucking hilarious. Sort of like a Canadian hick version of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

    True story, my hick neighbor at our place in Vermont turned me on to it, and he and the whole neighborhood could be characters on this show.

    The show is just incredible. Definitely check it out.

    Watched the first episode last night on your recommendation, and was in tears.  Just that opening exchange where the hockey players pulled up to the fruit stand had me hooked



    Anyone watch Russian Doll yet? Seeing some incredible reviews for it and the Mrs really want to.

    I loved it and it flows really fast. I think total time was under 4 hours. And I really loved the ending.

    Umbrella Academy on the other hand….Dickon Tarley as a mini Hulk?

    Also watched Gervais in After Life in one sitting as well. Entertaining. A bit sad. A lot funny at times if you like Gervais basically playing himself. Walder Frey as Ricky’s dad was interesting. I guess Arya gave him his face back.



    Miserable Fellow

    Umbrella Academy is basically Royal Tanenbaums as Superhero movie. Whether that appeals to you is up to you. I’ve read the comics, so I knew going in that nothing was supposed to make literal sense. I liked it well enough. Could annoy the fuck out of someone else.




    I watched the whole thing and enjoyed it overall. It just got tedious at times (I really did want to punch Dickon in the head and, in case I didn’t hear it the first 235 times, the Apocalypse is coming) and I really didn’t like the ending as compared to the comic books. Just seems to make the entire season meaningless if they could just go back in time and reset.

    That said I’m sure I will watch season 2.



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