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    Fred West Lynn

    Bob Ryan still on his “Those Were the Days” tour, this time eulogizing Ray Fitzgerald on the almost-36th anniversary of his departure.

    Seemed the ideal opportunity to contrast Fitzgerald’s writing, passion and humor with the clumsy prose, lazy attacks, and dour sarcasm of the current face of The Boston Globe Sports Section.

    But no. The code of BBWA omerata runs deep.


    Tom Pepper

    Ghoulish Peter King at it again:

    c. Via the fine reporting of Johnson and Ravani, this is how incident commander Sean Cavanaugh, on the front line of the fire, began his morning briefing the next day:

    “Hey good morning,” Kavanaugh said at the group briefing. “As many of you are aware, last night we had a tragic incident affect one of our fellow firefighters. A lot of folks were affected by it, and a lot of folks will continue to be affected by it. So I want to start this meeting with a moment of silence.”

    For 22 seconds, no one spoke.

    d. Chills.

Viewing 2 posts - 176 through 177 (of 177 total)

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