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    Because of calla’s enthusiasm, I have changed my mind and will compile a mixtape this year.

    See? You get more bees with honey or whatever the fuck that saying is. I could teach Joey Gill a thing or two.




    I have a pretty random and crazy and eclectic music collection, both owned and with streaming services.  I also have it spread across both Apple Music and Spotify, which has always caused me fits.

    Found a great new app-SongShift.  Syncs playlists from one service to the other-can be used with just about every streaming service.  Works awesome.

    Worth a check out.



    Dave Andelman



    Is that the ‘my iPod is eclectic’ guy?  If so I was struggling all morning trying to remember who that was.


    Major Intangibles

    Is that the ‘my iPod is eclectic’ guy? If so I was struggling all morning trying to remember who that was.

    ‘Phenomenally eclectic’. #archivist

    Nothing will be saved. All will be lost. And our new onion-headed sad emoticon is unable to convey the depth of that loss. -10/22/25 (sic) Daily Thread



    Ryan Adams and The Cardinals.

    Come back, Regular Brian.

    My agenda is truth.



    Friend of mine sends me a text.

    “The good news….Jason Isbell is playing with Stapleton….the bad news….Its in Alabama. Interested?”

    Uh, no. I think I’ll wait and see Isbell The Greek instead. He’s also playing Stagecoach this weekend but my 51 year old self cant handle weekends in the desert anymore.





    Isbell The Greek was of course fired for his controversial comments around the inherent physical advantages in blues guitar players.


    Danny Duberstein

    Isbell The Greek was of course fired for his controversial comments around the inherent physical advantages in blues guitar players.

    I was watching some weird VHS tape transfer on YouTube of B.B. King being interviewed, and playing…thickest fingernails I’ve ever seen.



    This guy has a bunch of Replacements live shows with Bob Stinson plus a few from later years. Surprisingly good sound.

    Come back, Regular Brian.

    My agenda is truth.


    Major Intangibles

    2016 Memorial Day Mix -Explained

    1. Scenes From an Italian Restaurant – The Dead Clemenzas: The Billy Joel song, and a made up band evoking the Corleone family capo from The Godfather films.
    2. Wang Dang Doodle – AC Green’s Blues Explosion: An actual blues standard, done by a band name suggested by Frost Class Mark back in the day.
    3. Punctuation, Importance Of – Johnny Cash (from the Live in Oxford, UK Album): Grammar fun from 2012 here (link), postulating a little known Man in Black song.
    4. Aspire to Obscurity – Larry Eagle & the Time Robbers: Larry Eagle is a Bootleg Barnacle-style familiar term for the Lawrence Eagle-Tribune newspaper, whose employee Hector Longo did indeed aspire to mere obscurity, and was once told on Twitter by ‘Jose Gill’ that never mind the ones that paid money for his newspaper, anyone who had ever read his work for free online was a victim of ‘time robbery.’
    5. Carolina Shout – On the Ragtime: Suggested band name, actual tune.
    6. Sudbury Blues – Cleophus ‘Palmtree’ Higgins, Sr. : Leafy, tony suburb Sudbury is an unlikely location for evoking the blues, Palmtree Higgins being a George Glass-like made up player by Jack Del Rio who may or may not have snuck into picture day at the NFL Coaches Meeting, (link) and Cleophus Sr. is apparently the bluesman father of Cleophus Jr.
    7. Where Have All The Posters Gone? – The Sad Onions: A riff on the folksong, ‘Where Have All the Flowers Gone?’, and I thought our new sad icon in WordPress looked a bit like an onion.
    8. Emergency Dump – Setters & Pointers: Based on ITT’s utterly cringeworthy teenaged tale of woe due to ill-timed biological imperatives while at a roller rink.
    9. ClodeHoppin’ – Norton Adams & The State Collegians (Live): ‘Clode’ is the way French-Canadians (and Dale E. Arnold) pronounce ‘Claude’. Claude Julien was the coach of the Bruins. NASCL is a Bruins fan. And Norton Adams band is based on NASCL’s old full username on the Legacy Board.
    10. Wrong Way – Underlemon: A Tribute to Badfish: Another cover of a Sublime tune by a Rhode Island cover band’s cover band.
    11. Slow Tuesday – Red Reed and his Crimson Vermillionaires (with the Homophone Horns): There once was an impossibly stupid, even for us, Board dust up on a slow Tuesday based on whether a word in question in a post was the present tense ‘read’, or the past tense ‘read’.
    12. Do You Even, Brah? – Skunky Add Limes: A band suggested by a Nopointe post about insipid Mexican beers, bro.
    13. All Good – Zeroleen: An actual song from one of Box Score’s mixtapes. I like to have one of these by way of tribute.
    14. Misunderstanding – A Load of Shavings: The Genesis song, done by a band based on returned poster a.paul’s odd phrase.
    15. Rocktosser Suite – Gerry & the Pre-Cast Concrete Circles: Based on those ads on WEEI for Callahan’s brother in law’s concrete company.
    16. Wunderbar! – The St. Paulie Guys: Actual song, suggested band name.
    17. Bianca (Does This Rag Smell Like Chloroform to You?) – Stephen MacDonald: Celeb Twitter stalker Stephen loved interacting with the Board favorite vivacious Bianca de la Garza. And perhaps still does, but he protected his tweets, depriving us of their creepy entertainment value. :ozzy:
    18. I’m Warning You! – Raw Tomatoe’s: Based on a Brian post or two.
    19. Red Ships of Spain Overture – Wes Goulet (with Ken Goulet’s understudy): Popular SNL sketch about a terrible musical with Will Ferrell as Robert Goulet, and Chris Parnell and Alec Baldwin as his less talented siblings.
    20. Hay in the Barn – NK7U: For overdue and presumed high af erstwhile poster Joe Rudi and his end of the week hay bale assessment of Belichick’s confidence in their preparations, the band’s name is the actual ham radio call sign for his athlete namesake.
    21. I Got Them Low Energy Admin Neglectin’ the Server Blues – Turkeypie Jefferson: another track by our bluesman whom can see the future, in this case the unnecessary death of the Invision Board.
    22. Wood On the Hood – The Hizzoners (with MC FourKay TeeVee): Kevin has a 4K television, Hizzoner is usually a reference to a mayor, in this case former Boston Mayor Ray Flynn, who made some Florian Hall-esk alterations to a building in February of 2016. (link)
    23. I Don’t Think, So I Don’t Think You Can Stop Me – Powerhouse Moron: We’ve all come in contact with unstoppable idiots. This is a song by, and about, them.
    24. Folding Table Repairman’s Hymn – Close The Door, Eustace: Bills Mafia members can’t always afford to purchase new folding tables after every tailgate. I believe WWII Felger may have discovered the existence of this dedicated corps of repairmen. CTDE provides some Upstate NY cred.
    25. A Chico Concussed – Heirloom Tomatoes (With Neko Case): Chico got a concussion, and brain injuries are funny!
    26. Me? Great! You? Bad! (Trump University Fight Song) – Trump U. Undocumented Pep Band: Ha ha! Big dummy Donald Trump thinks he can be elected President! Sad!
    27. Erchant – Internationaler: Like Foreigner’s song, ‘Urgent’ only misspelled. Like the way a job applicant misspelled ‘urchin’ in a tale recounted by Nopointe on the Legacy Board. Plus a callback to the ‘foreign object/international object’ WWF nomenclature rules.
    28. Hate Klemko – Oswald Brougham and the Knowledge: Ozzy would not have loved Klemko like Peter King does.
    29. Hey UZR/Welcome to the Mean/Kicking the Probability Can Down the Road – Pink Floyd: From a series of posts (link) asking the musical question, what if Floyd did songs about advanced stats?
    30. I Kissed A Girl – Chipster & the Staunch Heterosexuals: Chip Kelly likes ladies. Really. Don’t be fooled.
    31. Orange Linoleum Blues – Five Guys Named Carl: Many posters remembered having similar linoleum in their kitchen, based on a Chico post.
    32. Moose Knuckle Alley – Fake Dilfer: See track 42.
    33. Lesser City – Ron Muskmelon Catamount: Like JCM’s Small Town, only by the Muskmelon.
    34. Morgenstimmung ( Edvard Grieg) – fuckpickle: Classical music that generally evokes feelings of calmness and serenity, and a vulgarity popularized here by howzie’s twitter postings.
    35. Ghost Riders of Route 1 – The Northeast Expresswaymen: Based on a song parody (link) riffing about the prevalence of Roast Beef sandwich shops along the North Shore. Band based on The Highwaymen.
    36. Dia de la Muerte – Mariachi de los Andover Del Norte: a song about the Day of the Dead, and the famous locale of an ‘Ask Nick’ questioner.
    37. Explaining Quantum Physics to a Peach (live) – Mick Gindaloon and his Dumb Polacks: Like The Allman Brothers “Eat A Peach”, but different.
    38. March of the High Guard – Alex Lifeson: Rush guitarist’s ill-received theme music for Andromeda TV series end credits.
    39. Rough Night On the Legacy Board – Moistened Footwear: An allusion to peeing on your shoes. Don’t do it.
    40. Hate & Eight Theme – Tilda Circumflex & the Graphemes: Many heavy metal bands stereotypically use umlaut’s in their names. An umlaut is a type of grapheme, as is the tilde. And the Hate & Eight Show (Brought to you by Beck’s, Pepsodent, Magnavox, and Beck’s!) ostensibly starred metal-loving poster TjM.
    41. Visualization of the Space-Mind Gargamel III: Ending the Rhetoric  – Dero Spedes: another this the possibly endless series by the Spero Dedes inspired musician. And featuring Bob Kraft’s empty phrase.
    42. Looking For Myself – Mark Morris & Cat-Tunes: the actual name of the Cape Cod –based bar band whose lead singer looks like Trent Dilfer’s photo double. (link)
    43. Brave Captain- Firehouse (from the Firehouse sings fIREHOSE album): Two actual bands with very different styles.
    44. Oh, Sad Onion Wer’re All Howzie Now – Slade: based on the cadence of a Kevin post.
    45. Ballad of Potato Silo #4 – Joan Baez: Goes back to a series of posts (link) where Bert Breer covers John F. Kennedy’s assassination.
    46. It’s a Long Way to the Top If You Want the Rocket Queen – G n’ DC: a combination of AC/DC and Guns N’ Roses songs and initials, inspired by Axl Rose subbing for AC/DC’s lead singer Brian Johnson.
    47. Gone But Not Forgotten – Jimmy & The Reb Horns: We still miss you, James Rebhorn. OOTG’s.
    48. Long Hard Times to Come (theme to ‘Justified’) – Jodici and Jo Dee Messina: Actual song, here covered by a R&B group and a country artist with similar names.
    49. Second Place is Pretty Gud – Ked Woodley: Odd Carolina Panthers Fan on YouTube, with his made-up reaction to the loss in the Super Bowl.
    50. The Kevin Special – Jocko Fergus and The Coonhounds (the 1974 King Biscuit Flower Hour performance): Brian giving Kevin the business. (link) The KBFH being a famous & long-running radio program, and the song has its base in the folk standard ‘The Midnight Special.’
    51. Everyone Fucking Hates Us (Lets Win It All Next Year) – Skrillex/Dog Whistle Voice Remix: Based on a text from Tom Brady to Julian Edelman, Skrillex being an EDM producer & DJ, and Brady being infamous for his voice going high-pitched on occasions of high emotion. Like a dog whistle high.

    Nothing will be saved. All will be lost. And our new onion-headed sad emoticon is unable to convey the depth of that loss. -10/22/25 (sic) Daily Thread



    “impossibly stupid, even for us”. 😆



    So fucking awesome



    Link in 29 is wrong


    Major Intangibles

    Link in 29 is wrong

    The Incorrectness of Links also sounds Floyd-ian.

    (correct link)

    Corrections and ommissions always welcome with regard to the various Mixtapes.

    Nothing will be saved. All will be lost. And our new onion-headed sad emoticon is unable to convey the depth of that loss. -10/22/25 (sic) Daily Thread



    Happened to be looking at something at the Center for the Arts in Natick so checked their whole schedule. Who the hell would pay $60 to see a Mark Farner acoustic show?


    Danny Duberstein

    Stab in the dark but I have an extra to the Outlaw Music Festival at Great Woods, Friday 9/21. Willie, Sturgill, Nathaniel Rateliff (2nd time I’ll see him this summer) and others.


    Under the awning on a the aisle. Send me a message if interested. Forget the exact price, but under 50


    Danny Duberstein

    Saw Drive By Truckers last night in between Marcus King and Tedeschi Trucks. My first real exposure to them.


    Great set, but really they could use another guitar player.



    Not sure it actually belongs here, but Clickhole’s oral history of Californication is amazing.


    Fred West Lynn

    Saw the Zombies at City Winery last night. So freaking good, bunch of classics, a couple of Argent tunes. For guys in their 70s they rock.

    Awesome room too. I’ll be back

    The CW down by the Garden? I’ve been there a couple of times but find the room layout a little weird and the bathrooms inexplicably far away, but mostly puzzled by the bookings. Seems mostly folkies I’ve never heard of, aging minor members of once-popular bands, and the odd rock show (well, 70 year old Ian Hunter and The Rants rocked, anyway).



    Fred West Lynn

    Is that the ‘my iPod is eclectic’ guy? If so I was struggling all morning trying to remember who that was.

    ‘Phenomenally eclectic’. #archivist

    If it’s Dave Andleman, I’d assume a smattering of U2, Petty, and Stevie Nicks, a Drake cut he never plays, and some Allen Sherman LPs to keep Dad happy.


    Major Intangibles

    2016 Labor Day Mixtape- Explained

    1.  Summertime – UnderLemon: A Tribute to Badfish (with Splenda Rae) – Long running joke that there is a tribute band for Sublime tribute band Badfish. here singing the Sublime hit ‘Summertime’ with an all-girl Sugar Ray cover band. 

    2.  L-I-V-I-N, Livin! – Cousin Sonny & the Sugartits Philharmonic – A track request by poster Danny Duberstein. Harkens to the Seventiestastic pictures of Nopointe’s Cousin(?) Sonny, and his superficial resemblance to Matt McConaughey’s Wooderson character from Dazed and Confused.

    3.  Moonpie Daydream – Larry Johnson and the Tracers – a request by Laszlo Panaflex

    4.  Pink Moscato (is Horrid) – Laz and the Flextones – Poster Laszlo Paniflex does not approve of pink moscato. At All.

    5.  Border Crossing Holiday –Chipster and the Canadian Girlfriends – Staunch heterosexual Chip Kelly has a couple of girlfriends, but you haven’t met them, because they live in Canada. As the trope goes. 

    6.  Tumbleweeds (Acoustic) – The Sad Onions – A request by poster Yahtzee.  For when the Board goes postless for too long, the tumbleweed post happens. 

    7.  Zen and the Art of Lawnmower Maintenance – The Indigo Girls – a play on the Robert M. Pirsig book ‘Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance,’ and poster Miserable Fellow’s update on life when he relocated to the South Shore. Performed by a famous lesbian duo. Because of all the lesbians. 

    8.  Higher Me! – Joe Gill – Joe’s a world class dummy, is what I’m saying here. 

    9.  Shameless Mumbling Company Man – The Highwaymen – From a tweet about Lou Merloni being such a man. The Highwaymen suggested by a Miserable Fellow post.

    10. Another Round of Layoffs – Company of Newsies 2- The Quickening – A statement about the declining economic viability of newspapers, and a made-up live musical theater sequel to the Christian Bale/Bill Pullman 1992 film Newsies, with a glancing reference to terrible sequel Highlander 2- The Quickening.

    11. Summertime Summertime – Auto-tuned Sherm Feller – Mr. Feller, most famous as the Red Sox PA announcer was the listed co-writer of the 1958 hit by the Jamies. He was that band’s manager, and not a singer. Hence to need to auto-tune. 

    12. Lock Down the Lochte Story, Would Ya? – NBC Quarrantined Festival Ensemble – Something to do with the Olympics and the Zika virus outbreak in Brazil at that time. 

    13. Damn Right I’m a Proud Company Man –Mutton Lou & the Victuallers – Old band name from mixtapes past. Lou Merloni uses ‘damn’ a lot. And would be proud to be a company man. 

    14. Happy Worker Song – Shigeyoshi Wholesome Entertainment and Vending Concern Song Group – Happy songs make for happy workers at this Yakuza front business. 

    15. I Hope You Weren’t Driving Also – Regular Brian and the Granite State Finger-Wags – Poster Brian (the regular one, from New Hampshire, not the always moving from city-to city-one) didn’t like the inference that Boda was posting while driving that one time. 

    16. Drive-In Saturday – David Bowie -Actual Bowie tune, included in memoriam. 

    17. I Heard Rumblings Summer Would End – Bert tha Confirmator – Albert Breer is infamous for ‘breaking’ obvious bits of NFL news, and also claiming knowledge of things that happened after the fact. 

    18. Offseason Won, Nothing More to be Done – The Refreshments – Rex Ryan would win off-seasons with frightening regularity. And he was so refreshing! The Refreshments were an actual band, most famous for ‘Banditios’.

    19. Know What Would Be Fun? (‘Live from The Mathnasium’ Album version) – Sum Nights -An InThisTown suggestion. Ask him, maybe? 

    20. The Girl With The Curious Hand – Digney Fignus – Local band that had the future Mrs. Ambassador Scott Brown in their music video, a V-66 mainstay. 

    21. Let’s Work – Prince – Another actual song, in memoriam. 

    22. Drivin’ the Miami to Portland Bus Blues – Powerhouse Moron – Driving that far would be just silly. 


    23. Sex and Drugs and Rock & Roll – Tinker’s Fig -An Ian Dury and the Blockheads song, covered by the Chad Finn’s Sports Machine house band. 

    24. Bass Rocks – Willie Alexander – another V-66 video from back in the day. 

    25. Limenkugel Shantys! – The DadTown Air Wardens – InThisTown’s dad’s malaprop about concerning the popular Leinekugel Shandy summer beverage, and his having several landline telephones set to ring at high volume.

    26. Paddle Board (live w/ monologue) – Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band – found here. 

    27. My Research Proves The Twelves Are From Hangar 13 (Instrumental) – Mike Bara – Conspiracy theorist Seahawks fan, but I repeat myself. Hangar 13 being a misremebered title of the 1980 UFO movie Hangar 18. 

    28. Visit Vacationland – D-Money (with Smoothy & Shifty) – Then-Maine Governor LePage did not approve of heroin coming into his state, ans had strong opinions as to who was responsible. 

    29. Theme From ‘A Summer Place’ – Yngwie Malmsteen – Metal guitarist + easy listening hit = cheap joke.

    30. Goodbye Bombay John – Reg Dwight & The RestStoppers – A farewell to the Boston airwaves to John Dennis from Sir Elton John. 

    Nothing will be saved. All will be lost. And our new onion-headed sad emoticon is unable to convey the depth of that loss. -10/22/25 (sic) Daily Thread

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