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    Is it even a top 10 HBO first season? Sopranos Wire Deadwood GoT Boardwalk Leftovers Curb Luck Oz Ok, maybe.

    No True Detective?

    Rust what did you think of the first season of Westworld?

    That’s the thing, aint it? Creating worlds, creating life.  We always look out- technology makes the world a smaller place, I’m told.  You find someone lookin’ *in*- not in their phone, or their 500 channels, but inside of their very souls, and you done found yourself a crazy person. It’s one thing to look at your soul and not like what’s there- hell, figure that’s every man, woman, and child at some point, don’t see a lot of shrinks in the bread line- but you take a fella that peers into his soul to find it’s simply not there- now you’re cracking a door you do not want to open.  “Guests”- when was the last time you had someone empty a couple into you around that sunday dinner table’yours? “Hosts”- you get yourself a tapeworm digging you out slowly from the inside, what are you to them? I tell you, comforting as it might be to some to have a benevolent all-knowing figure creatin’ my narrative for me, I see nothing more than Hannibal Lecter steering me towards a supper invite I am in-clined to reject.  They say the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, you say “sure”, I say “when?” Remember that, Marty, next time you’re wondering what is and isn’t real.  Plus, I watch “House Hunters International” on Sunday nights.  Oh really, you want 3 bedrooms, 2 baths walking distance to the shore in Belize and your budget is 250k? And you work as a hairstylist? Good luck with that, darlin’. So stupid

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    Is it even a top 10 HBO first season? Sopranos Wire Deadwood GoT Boardwalk Leftovers Curb Luck Oz Ok, maybe.

    No True Detective?

    I just don’t like and don’t think it holds up outside of the leads acting their dicks off. I wouldn’t argue against it, but I personally think the first season of Entourage is way more enjoyable. Hello Ladies too.

    I’d probably put the first seasons of Rome and Eastbound and Down on the list instead of Boardwalk, Westworld and probably even True Detective. I know you’re not a fan of Six Feet Under, but I’d be inclined to add that to the list as well. I’ll still watch episodes from the first two seasons and the series finale, but it’s not a show I’d recommend to everyone.


    There were so many fundamental flaws with Westworld.  I could be here for a while but will only list some of the bigger ones.

    Arrows for the “indigenous people” and swords for the Samurai.  How exactly do you stop an arrow from killing a guest? When a host Samurai is wielding a sword do they just not touch or hit a guest?

    To a lesser degree; knives.

    When the decision was made to move from a metal robot host to a host built with essentially flesh, bone and blood how exactly are the “newer” hosts superior physically?  I get that their pain sensors can be turned off but how are they suddenly stronger?  One thought occurred: increase muscle density that can be raised/lowered as needed.

    Bullets: bullets that knock a man down in one era then bounce off a man in the next only to go back to knocking them over.  Also, hosts have had no issues shooting at guests from a distance but then they can’t up close?  You saw the friggin bullets bouncing off this guy a minute ago now you won’t shoot him in the face?  Are the bullets magic?

    It seemed there were a million technical issues when you really think about it.

    Patrick Pass

    20 pages time for a new TV thread

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